Q: What is the Patterns® app?  

A: Patterns is our free app that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth or to your computer via USB, making it easy to sync, track, and manage your glucose results and share them with your healthcare providers, family, and friends. Patterns is available free for download at the Apple and Android app stores.

Q: How do I download the Patterns® app?

A: You can download the Patterns app from the Apple or Google Play (Android) App Store on your smartphone. To find the app in the respective App Store, search for “Patterns for POGO Automatic”.

Q: How do I register for the Patterns® app? 

A: You can register for your Patterns account after downloading the Patterns app from the Apple or Google Play (Android) App Store. You can also register for Patterns via web browser at www.patternsforpogo.com.  Click Sign Up on your mobile App or click Registration in your web browser. 

Enter your email address twice.  Note – This email address will be used as your username

Enter your Password twice.  Note – Must be 8-10 characters, at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, and one number.  Click “Next.”

Q: How long does it take for a reading to show up in the Patterns® app? 

A: Your results should appear within Patterns in about 20 seconds after the meter has been turned off. If you notice that it is taking longer, or your readings are not showing up, there might be an issue with your Bluetooth connection.

Q: Can I add the Patterns® app to my computer? 

A: The Patterns app is only available for mobile phones in the Android and Apple App Store. However, we do have a web version of Patterns, which can be reached by navigating to www.patternsforpogo.com.

Q: How can I share my Patterns® app information with others?

A: The sharing circle feature in Patterns, allows you to identify and share your information with personal contacts, emergency contacts and your healthcare provider.

Q: I forgot my password; how do I find it?

A: If you forgot your password, simply press the “Forgot Password” link on the home screen. This link can be found on both the Patterns app and on the web-version of Patterns. After clicking “Forgot Password” follow the prompts to establish a new password.

Q: Can I buy cartridges through the Patterns® app? 

A:  You will need to access the online POGO Store in order to purchase POGO Automatic Test Cartridges.

Q: Does the Patterns® app work with any other products? Like fitness trackers?

A: Yes, in fact Patterns connects with other health-related devices and applications (such as Fitbit, Strava, Apple Health, MyFitnessPal, etc.).  Within the profile section of Patterns, select “Connect Other Devices & Apps” and you will be able to view the devices available from pairing. If you find the device you are looking for, press “Connect” and follow the prompts to get set-up.

Q: Who can I add to my sharing circle?

A: You can add whoever you want. Whether it is your family, healthcare provider, or a friend they can be added to your sharing circle by simply indicating their e-mail address and relationship to you in the “Add Sharing Circle Contact” section of the Patterns app or via the web.

Q: Why should I use the Patterns® app? 

A: Patterns makes it easy to sync, track, and manage your blood glucose results and share them with your healthcare providers, family, and friends. Your POGO Automatic Meter includes Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to transfer your glucose results directly from your meter to the Patterns app and website.

Q: Can I buy Coaching from POGO Automatic® through the Patterns® app? 

A: For the time being, you will need to access your POGO Store account in order to register for Coaching from POGO Automatic.

Q: Can I share my information from the Patterns® app with my HCP (Healthcare Provider)?

A: Yes, by adding your HCP to your sharing circle, they will have access to all your blood glucose testing data from your POGO Automatic Meter.

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