Q:  What are FSA and HSA accounts?

A:  Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are programs that allow you to set aside before-tax money for specific health care expenses. If you’re unsure whether you have an FSA or HSA, check with your employer or insurance company.


Q:  Can POGO Automatic Monitor(s) and Cartridges be purchased with my FSA or HSA dollars?

A:  Intuity Medical, Inc. accepts FSA and HSA dollars for POGO Automatic Monitor and Cartridges. You may shop online by visiting shop.presspogo.com. Our customer support team is here for you. Call us at 1-855-IMI-POGO (464-7646).


Q:  What’s the best way to place my FSA or HSA order?

A:  First, you may want to check your FSA account balance.

You can place an order online or by giving us a call at 1-855-IMI-POGO (464-7646).  Either way, you can use your FSA or HSA card as you would any other payment card.


Q:  When is the cutoff for placing an order with FSA dollars?

A:  If your benefits expire at the end of the year, you have until December 31 at 11:59PM Eastern Time (ET) to place an order with us using FSA dollars. Be sure to check with your carrier for plan details.


Q:  How do I get a receipt?

A:  We’ll include an electronic receipt with your order confirmation email. If you need another copy, you can email us at support@presspogohelp.com.


Q:  Can I return an order paid for with my FSA or HSA funds?

A:  Yes, you can receive a refund within 15 calendar days of your order if the tamperproof seal on the monitor box is intact (i.e., the box has not been opened). However, we recommend checking with your insurance provider before requesting a refund to an FSA card. Unlike HSA funds, FSA funds must be used during a defined time period. With some insurance plans, your funds will be forfeited if you request a refund.


Q:  I still have some questions. Help.

A:  No problem. Please contact Customer Support for further assistance via email at support@presspogohelp.com or call 1-855-IMI-POGO (464-7646).

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